Invest in your supply chain sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint

We help companies transition their farmer suppliers to regenerative agriculture and achieve their climate goals.

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Our mission is to support farmers in regenerating as much land as possible to address the climate & environmental urgency
Chuck de liedekerke,
CEO of Soil Capital

We support companies committed to rebalancing our agricultural systems

As a food & fiber company,
you have a unique opportunity to support the farming transition

Develop a regenerative
supply chain
Make Science-based
climate commitments

... while improving your scope 3 emissions through insetting.

James Ede
James Ede
Group Sustainability Lead - Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers, Cargill

“Soil Capital has built trust and credibility with farmers through a unique system which integrates soil health agriculture techniques and farm business profitability. Our partnership with Soil Capital allows us to continue investing in soil health principles that helps enhance farmer livelihoods, while also reducing GHG emissions and improving water quality.”

Cecile Coutens
Cécile Coutens
Global President at Royal Canin

"Transformation of global supply chains is critical to achieving true global net zero ambitions. Farming in a different, regenerative way is one of the tools we must use to both reduce emissions and improve livelihoods for the farmers in our supply chains”

James Ede
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Cecile Coutens
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Our services

Let's transform your supply chain from a carbon source to a carbon sink. What we offer:

Regenerative agriculture services

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Agronomic insight

Get an agronomic understanding of your supply chain and identify decarbonisation levers

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Supply chain transition programme

Engage farmers and intermediary suppliers in a low carbon transition project

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Farm immersions

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Connect with agronomists and farmers in your own supply region and upskill your team

Carbon services

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Scope 3 reduction

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Design a land-based scope 3 reduction strategy and align on short & long term ROI

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Advance your SBTi objectives and scope 3 reduction claims through robust carbon certification


Impact report

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Track progress on your supply chain’s carbon footprint and improve your climate reporting

Discover our corporate partners

Royal Canin

Industry: science-based nutrition for pets

Royal Canin has been working with Soil Capital to transition up to 300,000 hectares of farmland to regenerative agriculture by 2023, expecting to deliver 150,000 tonnes of CO2e reductions and removals on average each year.

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The power of our carbon certification programme

Our high-integrity carbon certification is:

  • Robust & third-party verified

  • Farmer centric & grounded in agronomy

  • Performance-based & compatible with SBTi FLAG

For us, carbon certification is the key to unlock the global transition towards regenerative agriculture. Our performance-based payments deliver verifiable CO2e emissions reductions and removals, which are third-party verified by TÜV Rheinland and listed on the CSA public registry.

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Scope 3 Expertise

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Scope 3 Research Report

Allocating Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Outcomes

Discover the whitepaper written by SustainCERT, climate impact auditor and Scope 3 expert, in collaboration with Soil Capital and Cargill exploring how companies can best allocate value chain decarbonization outcomes in complex agricultural systems.

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Soil Capital, an active member of the regenerative movement

For regenerative agriculture to scale, close collaboration with private and public stakeholders, innovative solutions and collective intelligence are essential. Soil Capital participates in diverse initiatives to build the environment for Regen Ag to succeed.

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Don't have farmers in your supply chain?
Let's talk contribution.

Investing in Soil Capital's carbon certification allows your company to make contribution claims and avoid greenwashing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which types of farmers do you work with?


Arable farmers entering our programme come from different agricultural backgrounds, at different stages of their regenerative transition journey. From newcomers seeking know-how to regenerative practitioners seeking recognition for their work, all are welcome and eligible for our programme!

Soil Capital now counts more than 1’000 farmers in its ranks, spread across France, Belgium and the UK. Our producers primarily work on wheat, barley, oilseeds and legume crops, in farms covering more than 200 hectares on average.Some of these may already be in your supply shed. If not, let’s engage them!

How does a regenerative transition programme work?


Our regenerative transition program for corporate partners usually includes the following milestones:

1. Supply shed analysis: provides you with a thorough understanding of the current farming situation in your supply shed and the potential to improve it.
2. Farmers engagement: together with your industrial suppliers or directly with your farmers, we train and engage all relevant stakeholders into our certified carbon programme.
3. Scope 3 reduction: Farmers adopt (or maintain) regenerative practices, improve their GHG profile, and generate certificates.

We do not have full traceability of our farmers, can we still buy certificates?


Yes ! Even if you are unsure who are the direct farmer suppliers in your supply chain, you can still buy certificates generated from other farmers located in the same geographical area (your supply shed).  

Furthermore, if you have no direct links with farmers within your supply chain activities, you can still buy certificates as part of your carbon strategy and contribute to global net zero.

How robust is your carbon measurement methodology?


Our certification programme brings together multiple monitoring techniques to provide the most robust quantification of our farmers’ GHG results. We combine modeling, using the Cool Farm Tool (CFT),together with direct soil analysis input collected from the fields.  

All of our monitoring tools have been developed in line with the latest IPCC recommendations. In order to refine our quantification tool suite, we are also in the process of integrating an additional soil carbon model as well as remote sensing technology.  We collect farmers’ carbon data through our in-house GHG assessment platform.

Have questions ?

Let's explore together how to decarbonize your agricultural supply chain or contribute to global net zero thanks to regenerative farmers in your region!

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