Discover Soil Capital, where the passion for farming is driving changes for a greener planet

We’re agronomists and we’ve been joining forces with farmers for 10 years to improve their soil health.

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Our Story

Soil Capital is a mission-driven company with long expertise in regenerative agriculture and low-carbon transition of farms. It was founded in 2013 as an independent agronomy firm by three farming and finance professionals. The initial structure renamed

(sister company) has advised and managed over 200’000 hectares of farmland in transition to more profitable and regenerative agriculture across 15 countries & 4 continents. These years of experience working alongside farmers lead Soil Capital to launch in 2019, Europe’s first certified carbon payment programme to accelerate the regenerative transition.

To date, the Soil Capital Carbon programme has engaged more than

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, spread across France, Belgium and the UK. Two rounds of carbon payments totalling € 4’000’000 have been paid by

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- mainly from the ag & fiber industry but not only - to farmers for their contribution to healthy soil & food systems. In 2022, Soil Capital became a B Corp company and took part in the creation of the

as a founding member with the ambition to support the implementation of rigorous frameworks for implementing agricultural carbon finance in Europe.

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Our mission

Operating internationally, Soil Capital's ambition is to accompany farmers in the transition of one million hectares to more profitable and regenerative agriculture by 2025.

We strive to support Farmers :

By valuing their reduced carbon emissions and/or increased soil carbon storage on the carbon markets and rewarding them for the ecosystem services they provide.

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We strive to support Companies :

By engaging their farmers in a certified low-carbon approach and building new value opportunities through the development of regenerative & resilient supply chains.

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Our team of experts

We are made up of 43 individuals sharing the same motivation for the transition to more profitable, regenerative agriculture and drive for constant innovation.

They work with us.

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