Restore the European carbon sink that's right under your feet

Partner with Soil Capital farmers to launch a local climate contribution program.

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We assist you all along your contribution journey

Soil Capital offers deep expertise in regenerative agriculture coupled with proven experience enabling future-proofed climate action.

Step 1: Define your contribution scope

We align on a contribution scope relevant for both your organisation & farmers in the places that matter to you.

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Step 2: Invest in results

Soil Capital certificates are result-based. Each certificate guarantees that 1 tonne of CO2e has been reduced or stored on the farms that you support. Offers a credible alternative to carbon credits for offsetting.

Step 3: Engage your people

Bring the reality of the climate, biodiversity, food security and wider benefits you are enabling to life with stories about the farmers you are supporting or group farm visits.

Step 4: Engage your audience

We support your communications about the full impact of your contributions to global net zero through verified & certified data, storytelling and more.

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Healthcare technology

By supporting 25 farmers in Belgium, IBA has contributed to the regeneration of 2 600 ha, and the reduction/removal of 2'700 tons of CO2e.

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Make a local contribution to addressing global challenges

We help you maximise your climate impact and contribute to global net zero immediately through a high-integrity regenerative agriculture project. We’ve developed a robust, proven and results-based carbon certification programme which unlocks the transition to regenerative agriculture.

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Why regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture protects the planet’s carbon sink that is right under you feet! Soil.

This makes regenerative agriculture one of the greatest assets to fight climate change, restore ecosystems, and ensure long-term food security. By supporting farmers' certified carbon improvements, you are contributing to:

Drawing down carbon

Supporting farmer livelihoods

Ensuring your region's long-term resilience

Restoring soil health

Protecting biodiversity

Ensuring crop resilience

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Partner with a high-integrity programme

Our regenerative agriculture project is:

  • Robust & transparent

  • Local & farmer centric

  • Performance-based & standards-aligned

Our agricultural transition programme meets best practices and enables you to maximise both the impact of your climate strategy and its relevance to your employees, customers and business activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is carbon certificate and how does it differ from a credit?


Soil Capital Carbon allows a farmer to sell carbon certificates and not carbon credits. The certificates we issue are in fact bought by two types of company.

On the one hand, there are agribusinesses buying crops in the UK, France and Belgium that want to evidence reductions in the emissions of their supply chain.

On the other hand, there are companies not linked to farming that use the certificates to contribute to the decarbonisation of their region, but without using them in their carbon accounting. The difference between purchasing a carbon certificate or a carbon credit for these companies lies mainly in the possibility or not to offset their emissions and declare carbon neutrality. Carbon certificates do not allow a company to offset its emissions and declare itself carbon neutral, whereas carbon credits do.

What is the impact of Soil Capital's program?


Through Soil Capital you support farmers in Belgium, France and the UK to generate better food systems and capture CO2. To date, Soil Capital, has remunerated the sequestration or reduction of 150,000 tons of CO2 equivalent by paying 4.2 million euros to 450 farmers.

Which types of farmers do you work with?


Arable farmers entering our programme come from different agricultural backgrounds, at different stages of their regenerative transition journey. From newcomers seeking know-how to regenerative practitioners seeking recognition for their work, all are welcome and eligible for our programme!

Soil Capital now counts more than 1’000 farmers in its ranks, spread across France, Belgium and the UK. Our producers primarily work on wheat, barley, oilseeds and legume crops, in farms covering more than 200 hectares on average.Some of these may already be in your supply shed. If not, let’s engage them!

How robust is your carbon measurement methodology?


Our certification programme brings together multiple monitoring techniques to provide the most robust quantification of our farmers’ GHG results. We combine modeling, using the Cool Farm Tool (CFT),together with direct soil analysis input collected from the fields.  

All of our monitoring tools have been developed in line with the latest IPCC recommendations. In order to refine our quantification tool suite, we are also in the process of integrating an additional soil carbon model as well as remote sensing technology.  We collect farmers’ carbon data through our in-house GHG assessment platform.

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Let's explore together how to contribute to global net zero thanks to regenerative farmers in your region!

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