Partnerships for a regenerative agriculture

Partner synergies multiply efforts to remunerate farmers. Soil Capital specially helps to build low-carbon supply chains, facilitating the transition to more sustainable and economically viable agriculture for all players.

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Join the movement

Together we are driving the change for a more resilient farming model and supply chain.

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Farmers' groups, landowners

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A platform close to your farmers

This platform has been designed for our partners to be able to work together as efficiently as possible. It has the following features:

A dashboard

Provides a global view of all your farmers enrolled in the Soil Capital Carbon program. It allows you to view your farmers' results, compare their results over the years and filter information by region.

An aggregated view

of all your farmers, enabling you to invite new farmers to join the carbon program, and access each farmer's profile.

Project management

Simplified so that the project manager within your organisation can invite collaborators and assign them to one or more of your farmers.

a close up of a field of green wheat
a close up of a field of green wheat

Creating low-carbon Sector

by mobilising the players in your supply chain and organising the supply chain premium.

We work alongside you to build a regenerative & profitable supply chain

By implementing the Soil Capital program with your farmers and teams (training, technical and agronomic support, follow-up) and providing you with all the tools needed to manage and trace your low-carbon supplies.

a group of men standing next to each other in front of a tent
a group of men standing next to each other in front of a tent

Certification & Sales

Certificates to players wishing to reduce their carbon footprint (scope 3), while complying with current regulations and standards.

We work together

Discover our partners, key actors of the regenerative agriculture movement

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