Who is Luc Joris?

Farmer in walloon Hesbaye, regenerating the soil and bringing back biodiversity while producing industrial crops.

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How do we collaborate?

When Luc joined the Soil Capital program in 2020, his first carbon footprint revealed that his farming practices were leading to more carbon emission even if he was already putting in place regenerative practices. His Soil Capital agronomist enabled him to identify the most impactful practices on his carbon footprint and informed him on the ways to bring his sustainable agricultural practices a step further.

In 2022, after his second carbon assessment, Luc stored 162 tonnes of carbon, i.e. 0,76 tCO2 e. / ha,  worth a total remuneration of €5,300.

This year, Luc was paid €10,000 (+88%) for a net storage of 367 tonnes of carbon or 1,73 tCO2 e. / ha.

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His Main crops :
Winter wheat, Chicory, Potatoes, Silage maize, Mustard, Spelt, Peas, Fescue, Spring barley, Winter barley, Rapeseed, Sugar beet
Number of hectares

Regenerative outcomes!

gain on harvest 2021, 0,76 TCO2e / ha
gain on harvest 2022, 1,73 TCO2e / ha
increase of compensation from year 1 to year 2

What regenerative practices are put in place?

Luc has always been looking for ways to make his farming practices more sustainable. With the help of cover crops and a diversified crop rotation, he can adapt better in front of unforeseen weather. In 2017, he decided to completely switch toward minimum tillage and stop deep plowing even though he is producing industrial crops such as potatoes, chicory and sugar beet. In 2021, he transitioned towards using more organic fertilizer with the goal of decreasing the use of mineral fertilizer without affecting the economic profitability.

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Stopped plowing in 2017

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Switched from a mineral based fertilization toward a more organic based fertilization

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Soil covered as much as possible with cover crop

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Has a diversified crops rotation with winter and spring crop

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