Who is Andrew Randall?

Farmer in Berkshire on 240 ha arable farm. Pioneer in regenerative farming after Six year rotation; currently transitioning to direct drilling.

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How do we collaborate?

When Andrew joined the Soil Capital programme in 2021, his first carbon assessment (baseline) revealed that his soils were already net carbon stores, meaning that his farming practices allowed to store more carbon than the related emissions (in CO2 equivalent).

One year later, after harvest 2022, his second carbon assessment led to a total net storage of 565 t CO2e. (i.e. 2.35 CO2e./ha), worth a total remuneration of £11,750 so far this year (excl. 20% of certificates put into the buffer).

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His Main crops :
Wheat, OSR, spring oats, spring beans
Number of hectares

Regenerative outcomes!

gain on harvest 2022, -2.35 tCO2e./ha
565 t
CO2e total net storage
2.35 t
CO2e stored per ha

What regenerative practices are put in place?

Andrew’s farm covers 400ha of primarily arable cropping land, but with some traditional park grassland near the River Thames. Increasingly, pockets of lands are also being directed towards environmental stewardship projects. He has been practicing regenerative agriculture methods for over a decade, with soil improvement at the heart of his rationale in order to mitigate the effects of erratic rainfall and reduce cost of production.

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Stopped ploughing from 2010 - 2013

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Multi-species cover crop ahead of spring crops

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Six year diverse rotation (milling and feed wheat, OSR, spring oats, spring beans)

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Chopped straw and biosolids applied

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