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Applying regenerative methods on your farm will benefit your carbon footprint while generating economic revenues.

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Pre-register for the 2024 harvest year

Join the 5th cohort of farmers active in Soil Capital Carbon programme

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Soil capital carbon

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Fair payments

Min. of 27.5€/t CO2 eq. reviewed every year to match the progression of the carbon market value.

Min. of £23/t CO2 eq. reviewed every year to match the progression of the carbon market value.

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Total flexibility

No prescribed practices, no lock in, no claw back.

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Advice from experts

Access to Soil Capital agronomists troughout the year.

Your platform for carbon assessment: step by step

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01. Your CAP File

Upload your CAP file to identify all the fields of your farm.

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  • Easy
  • Simple
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02. Your Crops

Specify your technical itinerary

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03. Your carbon results

Following exchange with Soil Capital agronomist to review your encoded data, we generate your annual carbon assessment result. The baseline assessment will define the initial profile of your farm: CO2e sequester or emitter.

  • Yearly
  • CO2e
  • Assessment
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04. Your carbon payments

The evolution of your results: after two carbon assessments we determine if your farm generates carbon certificates which we sell to the voluntary carbon market to reward your yearly efforts for:

  • CO2e emissions reductions
  • CO2e sequestration
  • a sustainable agriculture and better planet
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Already £4M distributed to farmers for sustainable practices
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