Concretely, what will you get from it?

We can only manage what we measure. Over a short interview, one of our partner agronomists examines your operations with you and collects the necessary data. Back at the office, we analyse the performance of your farm using the best available tools. You then receive a fully personalised report with insights that help you take decisions to improve your profitability and your impact on the environment.

Compare your costs

Quickly compare production costs across crops in your rotation and understand why they vary. Drill down into important indicators like the time and fuel you invest across your rotation.

Mysc understand costs 2x
Mysc2 climate impact 2x

Certify your climate impact

Analyse your greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration. View this at farm and crop level and see what is driving your impact.

Identify potential savings

Benchmark your performance against others with similar crop rotations in your region. See what the difference is between your production costs and the top performers who are achieving equal or better yields.

Mysc identify savings 2x
Mysc decision points 2x

Make decisions that matter

The analysis lets you get into the detail so that you can discuss with an agronomist from our Community who knows the specifics of your farm. Then you decide what to do next.

Robert Evrard

"The mySoilCapital report makes it easy for me to see potential courses of action to improve my economic performance. The GHG report really offers a new perspective on my crops and how we are growing them."

Robert Evrard

Brabant Wallon, Belgium

Farm size



Sugar beet, potato, maize, wheat, barley and oilseed rape.